• ARRE Values Diagram

ARRE inspires and enables a better, more effective and collegiate retail research community around the world. In doing so, ARRE furthers advances in rigorous research of contemporary retail phenomena that have managerial relevance.


To establish a vibrant and supportive community of retail scholars by markedly expanding opportunities for delegates to connect and explore ideas.


ARRE is built on the following values.

- Inclusiveness: Despite the focus on worldwide retail environments ARRE represents a platform for researchers from all continents. It is open to senior as well as junior researchers, to four star through to no star academics and to academic scholars as well as to practitioners.

- Collegiality: ARRE promotes first and foremost collegiality and tries to create a positive and creative environment where critical discourse is encouraged and supportive mentoring the norm.

- Rigour: The underpinning principle of our research is to aspire to the highest possible scientific standards. To achieve this ARRE aims to offer extensive feedback based on which participants can grow and develop.

- Relevance and impact: ARRE reflects the view that retail research should ultimately aim to be of managerial relevance. This commitment thus aspires to make an impact on retail management and the industry.

-Mentorship: ARRE particularly takes into account the needs of junior delegates, such as PhD students and early career researchers. This is reflected in special sessions and tailored feedback on papers and presentations. As such more seasoned delegates accept their role as mentors for junior delegates.

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